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Pool Cue Joint Protectors 3pc set
Diameter Base
7/8 in.
1 3/8 in.
3/4 in.
1 1/4 in.
0.8 oz.
This Joint Protector pair (#SK017-JP-D) are a new addition to our bone collection.
The pair consists of 2 Shafts (male) and 1 Butt (female) joint protector with Uni-loc threads.
The perfect joint protection for your pool cue and they are truly like no other.
The skull measure 1-3/8” base to top of skull, 1-1/4” chin to back of skull, 3/4” cheek to cheek, with a 7/8” diameter base
and weighing 0.8oz. per set .

The skulls are made of a solid cold cast resin in a bone (ivory) color and antiqued to highlight the details.
2 pc or 3 pc
Skulls are solid-cast in bone (Ivory) color and antiqued to highlight details.
Finished to sit steady on flat surfaces for collectors, and do not come pre-drilled. To have this item made with;
threaded insert, color, or L.E.D. lights please see the options page.