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Automotive Cigarette Lighter  
7/8 in.
3/4 in.
1 1/8 in.
0.4 oz.
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The anatomically correct skull with Top Hat is realistic looking and will please the eye of the most discriminating bone collector. 7/8” high, 1 1/8” front to back, 3/4” wideShort style lighter Plug measuring .90, approximately 7/8” or 13mm deep.  There are several plug lengths in the industry so we are including the socket as well to insure a perfect fit.

The socket fits the industries Standard size hole used in all vehicles foreign and domestic, recreational vehicles as well.For custom mounts, a minimum hole size of 7/8” and maximum size of 1” can be drilled.

Wiring not included.

Skulls are solid-cast in bone (Ivory) color, antiqued to highlight the details and inserted with a brass threaded insert. To have this item made with in
color please see the options page.