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In these collections, we offer skull shift knobs, door lock knobs and skull valve caps, even radio knobs, skull dipsticks, cigarette lighters and skull nuts and bolts in all sizes. They are Made in USA to fit your hot rod, rat rod, truck, car, boat and motorcycle by an American Veteran. Fit our skulls to your wheelchair, bicycle or airplane too. We make skull charms, hair sticks and accessories, chopsticks as well and for the ladies, roses and butterflies are also available. We make custom skull joint protectors for the pool players cue stick in most thread sizes and skull chalk holders to fit several common and hybrid chalk shapes in many different styles. We use American made casting resin to pour our parts in several basic colors. bone (ivory), black, and red are most popular but other colors are available like purple, green and blue. We use stainless steel hardware when possible and is cast into the product. For the music lovers, we make custom skull pots knobs, stacked skull tremolo arms, symbol toppers even skull drum keys. Some of our skulls wear hats like bowlers, top hats and fireman helmets . If we don’t have it, tell use what you’re looking for. We’ll make it.

BawdyPartz Hand Made Cast Skulls and Accessories

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