Skull Joint Protectors open mouth “Catherine Collection”

Skull Joint Protectors open mouth “Catherine Collection”


Catherine Collection


Hand Crafted
Open Mouth Skull Cue Joint Protector

Precisely detailed female skull

She’s Laughing!

Welcome to the world of custom~made cue joint protectors with our Catherine Collection Series, meticulously crafted to marry functionality with distinctive design.
These protectors, available in three unique types, cater to seven different thread sizes, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of cue sticks.
Crafted from high~quality casting resin, each protector is not just an accessory but a statement that adds a touch of personality to your cue.
What sets our Skull Cue Stick Joint Protectors apart is the incorporation of steel cores cast into the shaft studs,
providing both durability and precision.
This fusion of robust construction and eye-catching appeal ensures that your cue stick remains well-protected while making a bold statement in the pool room.
Elevate your game with these custom joint protectors, where craftsmanship meets individuality for a truly unique cue stick accessory experience.

3 types to choose from
Closed Mouth ~ No Mandible ~ Open Mouth

Matching Chalk Holder
Closed Mouth ~ No Mandible ~ Open Mouth

Pocket Chalker
same type
Closed Mouth ~ No Mandible ~ Open Mouth


hight – 1.550
width – 0.886
depth – 1.344
Set of 2
1.046 oz


Pin Size: 3/8×10 = C, 3/8×11 = H, 3/8×14 = G, 5/16×14 = A, 5/16×18 = B, Furry = F, Radial Pin = E, Uni-Loc QR = D
Quantity: Set of 2, Set of 3
Color: Antiqued Ivory, Antiqued Red, Black, No Antiquing, Purple

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